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Hon Kwok Land (00160) sells Guangzhou ppt to Landsea Ppt
19 Dec 2017
(Infocast News) Chinney Investments (00216) and Hon Kwok Land Investment (00160) announced jointly that Hon Kwok Land Investment has agreed to sell the entire equity interest of, and loan owing by, Guangzhou Jianzhao Properties, to Landsea Green Properties (00106) for a total consideration of RMB260 million in cash.

The principal asset of Guangzhou Jianzhao Properties is the property which includes a completed 15-storey commercial and office building situated at No. 151 Jiefang Road South, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, the PRC known as Jie Fang Building having a gross floor area of 11,507 square metres.

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